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This Is John’s Story


Depressed. Lonely. Unhappy. Hopeless. Fearful. Shy. Unhealthy. Diabetic. Scared.



When John first walked through our doors, he was scared, beyond belief. He hadn’t stepped out of his comfort zone in a long time, and had experienced nothing but defeat and failure.

His Doctors were telling him he was running out of time, his diabetes were out of control, and he was on every depression medication out there.

He knew he needed to make a change, or give up for good…and face the inevitable.

But how do you step back up to the plate after striking out so many times before? How do you believe any of the “weight loss” BS, when so many other programs have left you feeling even less confident then before.
Helpless, lost and struggling to find the will to even “give a shit” about his life.
Somehow, call it fate if you like, John came across our facility and built up the courage to walk through our doors. If you’ve been in his shoes, you know that taking that first step is the HARDEST part. It’s been said that your life can change in a moment – and I believe that this was a life changing moment for john.
There was immense fear, doubt and hopelessness – but he took a chance. Not on us, he took a chance on HIMSELF.
Listen, when someone decides, after years of struggling and failure, to give a program like ours a shot, they aren’t “betting” on us, they are betting on themselves. And please, if ever the opportunity to bet on yourself comes up, TAKE IT. No matter how low and desperate things may feel, believe in yourself.
Anyhow, back to the story!
John took that bet – the hardest bet he’d ever taken. And the greater the bet, the greater the potential return.
Maybe there was a bit of sweet-talking from me, maybe there was a bit of “selling” on my part to get him convinced to join, maybe there was a bit of motivation and inspiration, and maybe – just maybe – there was a bit of “calling him out on his BS and getting him to stand up for himself”.
Call it what you want, I had one goal: I wanted this man in our program. He needed it, and I knew from the bottom of my heart, that he COULD do it.
Here’s the thing…
When you’re in as low a state as John found himself, all the “before and after” pictures, all the testimonials, all the sales crap, and all talk of what’s truly possible for him doesn’t matter.
When you’re that low, you’re not looking for a transformation…
You’re just looking for a bit of hope.
You’re looking for even the tiniest bit of progress to show yourself you’re not a failure, you’re not worthless, and you’re not ready to quit yet.
You’re looking for that slightest win to give you the courage (and boy, this takes courage) to take the second step, then the third, and the fourth, etc.
And want to know what happens with each step?

The smiles get bigger.

Hope starts to come back into the soul.

Confidence starts to build.

The weight starts to come off.

The depression fades, and you start forgetting to even take your meds.

Happiness starts to show in your eyes.

Life starts to have meaning and purpose again.

And most importantly…

You start to belief in yourself. You become EMPOWERED.

And out of that very first bet on yourself, the world is now yours for the taking. With belief, with confidence, when you wake up empowered, you realize life is good – no – life is GREAT, and you do more, you live more, you laugh more, you love more.

John went on to lose 110 lbs, completely eliminated his dependence on all his depression medication, and – listen to this – completely eliminated his diabetes! He’s now 100% off ANY medication.But, most importantly, he believes he can do whatever he sets his mind to.And I should mention, 2 years later, his kept the weight off for good, and smiling ear to ear. He’s got a new lease on life.

What’s Your Story?

I know, that’s great for John… But what about me… My situation is different…

Here’s the thing… I’m not here to twist your arm. In fact, I’m not even selling anything right now. This page, what you’re reading, has nothing to sell, nowhere to put your credit card information, and no hidden caches.

My goal is very simple – to show you that you can do it – and to BELIEVE in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself.

And I have a very simple offer for you – I want to show you, without it costing you a dime, that you CAN do it.

That’s my only goal.

I want to invite you to try our program for 2 weeks completely free, without needing to make any purchase, and without any sales pressure. At the end of your 2 week trial, we won’t try and sell you a membership, in fact, we won’t even OFFER it to you.

If you want to join our facility, by all means, you can let us know, but we have ZERO salespeople at the studio, and we won’t make any fancy efforts to make you join.

Even though our business coaches hate that and disagree, we feel it’s the ethical thing to do. We believe that, when YOU are ready, we are there for you.

So, here’s the deal:

If John’s story tugged at your heart, if you related to it, or if you feel you want to see for yourself, simply scroll up, request your two FREE week voucher, and we’ll send it to you with all the details.

I sincerely look forward to showing you there IS hope for you,

Ray Blais
The Transformation Center

When Results Matter!

Randy Clusiau's Transformation at Family Kickboxing
Shelley Leclair's Transformation at Family Kickboxing
Ray Blais' Transformation at Family Kickboxing
Nicole Paquette's Transformation at Family Kickboxing
  •     Ron lost 130 lbs in 5 months – Going on 5 years now
  •       Kristy lost 26 pounds  –   Going on 5 years now
  •       John lost 100+ lbs   –   Going on 4 years now
  •       Joel lost 80 pounds  –  Going on 5+ years now
Randy Clusiau's Transformation at Family Kickboxing

What Others Are Saying…

“What motivated me the most was noticing that the before and after pictures all over the walls and website are NOT models, they are real people, and I see them in the classes.”  JohnFitzpatrick

“I came to the realization finally that there is nothing more valuable and more important than being healthy and enjoying life to the fullest… I started kickboxing and never looked back! …there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Especially when surrounded by great supportive, high energy awesome peeps like those at Family Kickboxing!”   Randy Clusiau

“Thanks to Family Kickboxing not only am I now down 61.5 pounds and more than 10 inches only on my chest. Am feeling better than I have in years. So thanks. You guys are awesome!”  Wanda

“Your program has honestly helped me so much not only in physical results but emotionally and mentally as well. I’m seeing results that are unbelievable. So thank you for being such an amazing mentor. Make sure you use the part about being an amazing mentor”  Melissa Koppes

“After a 6 year struggle to get back into the same shape I was before having my kids, I decided to join Family Kickboxing. In just six months you have helped me lose weight, look better and feel better about myself. I am thrilled to have surpassed my goal…”  Nat Mallette

“What I liked most… was the push and just the right amount of mental (because let’s face it, it is a mental game) and physical guidance I needed to get my body on the right track of really being fit and keeping it fit for the rest of my life… I can fit into all my clothes. Clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a few years… Thanks Ray!” Leah-Jo

“…The work, devotion and most of all caring you put into this club is amazing. I really enjoy all the classes, the camaraderie of the club,  your ‘shoot from the hip’ straight talk but most of all it is the fostering of love and caring you show to all at the club that makes it such a special place to work out…”  Carole Anderson

“… the sense of accomplishment: there’s just something about the feeling you get when you’re able to do those two reps more than the week before. When you’re sure that there’s nothing left, suddenly you hear it: “You got this. You’re doing awesome,” and you find that little bit of strength you didn’t know you had left…”  Tanya Dussiaume 

 “…provided me with the ability to awaken a dream that I thought was long buried… Years later I joined family kickboxing. I was hesitant because over the years I had accumulated injuries. Ray said I promise you, you can do this. With that promise and a coach who NEVER EVER gives up on you and always matches your effort, I have transformed my body”  Jennifer Boucher

“…I initially started with many negative feelings like the fear of stepping way out of my comfort zone, wondering if I’m too old, or too weak, or if I can even stick it out for the 8 weeks. The results I experienced are amazing. Firstly, there’s the weight loss, which is awesome. But the best thing is the toning and definition I am starting to see in my arms. This is, by far, the best program ever!” Linda Zubal

“By far the main reason is the awesome people in this group. Very motivating in so many ways. Secondly would be the pre-planned workouts. It’s so easy, just follow Ray’s Recipe, it works. My original reason for joining was to help train for the Canadian Armed Forces but it has far exceeded all my expectations of what I’d get out of this program. Worth every penny!”   Darlene

“…My best 8-week physical result has been the repositioning of my butt.  It is much higher and firmer than it has been in years.  I sit taller, walk more confidently and believe I am far more capable than I ever could have imagined. This program is most certainly worth the sweat, commitment and gains.” Shawna Kirkwood

“I’ve done “the gym”, aerobics, running, boot camps etc… By far, nothing even comes close to the level of fitness I have achieved in a short time with Family Kickboxing, both through private lessons and regular classes. I feel better about myself than I have in years.” Brianne Cyr

“After being diagnosed with NASH, a liver disease, I was told I had to lose weight. I have struggled with my weight for years… I joined Family Kickboxing, an eight week course, twice a week. I lost 27.5 inches and 36pounds. I feel better, look better, and my liver disease is now in reverse… it has saved my life and it will change yours.”   Sherri Madigan

 “The things I like most is the ever-changing workouts. I am able to just leave everything else at the door and give it my all. Your working out with like-minded people and a little motivating push is always there just when you happen to need it.”  Erica Walters

“Great club, they treat you like family. (hence the name?!) Lost 12 pounds in my first 4 weeks! Great stress relief!  What I like the most is while your feeling empowered from hitting the punching bag you don’t realize the amazing workout your getting!”   Chantale M.

“… I have gained a more active lifestyle, a stronger body and better outlook on life. I have gained a sense of accomplishment in finally reaching my goal of a healthy weight (80 pounds less). Family Kickboxing has been a great inspiration…”  Theresa Henderson

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. I wanted to thank you and Ray for an awesome time and great workouts. Both Miranda and I really enjoy your club.  You have a great atmosphere there that makes us comfortable even though we are not fighters.”   Cory MCDONALD 

“…the class, as instructed by your father, exceeded my expectations! The level of exercise was just right! …I never felt intimidated or pressured to do more than I could. The instructor was assertive where necessary, but very down to earth and approachable. I left the work-out feeling empowered, accomplished and confident that I will meet my personal health goals through the classes offered at Family Kickboxing. Thanks again. See you next week!”  Cindy R.

“I have been to many, many clubs/gyms throughout my 10+ years in Toronto, and when I recently moved to Sudbury, checked out almost all of them. I chose Family Kickboxing because of one main point: They rarely talk about themselves! They are all about my needs, goals and mission in life and motivate me to be my best. Thanks guys! You helped me love my body again!”  Eric C

“A few months ago I joined Family Kickboxing here in Sudbury. I was terrified to commit to something I was surely going to fail again. It was very challenging in the beginning, and still is, but I love every minute of it. Tonight I was very surprised that I was being graded and earned my yellow belt. I was so beside myself, I sat and cried. Happiness, gratitude, pride and a renewed sense of ” I can do this” attitude. Thank you Alain Blais and Ray Blais. You really have given me a chance to get my self back!”   Diane Delisle-Langdon

“… You guys did a really good job with naming that club “Family Kickboxing”, as I feel like you guys have made me part of it… Your club, you guys, have helped me more than I can ever explain. In a time that I felt weak and powerless, you guys made me feel so much better, and even confident again. This club is so much more than just a place to workout, and I really want to express my gratitude for everything you guys have done for me.”  Robert Gladu

“This club has altered so many peoples lives in such a positive way, with mine being one of them. I remember walking into the club for the first time and thinking yup this is going to last about a week, it’s just another thing I am going to try and get nowhere with. Well that was a year ago and over 150 classes later and well I keep saying that I couldn’t love it any more if I tried”   Trish Pomykala

“I am currently a student at Cambrian College taking the Corrections Program. Each semester we are required to pass a hard physical ability test… Last semester before starting Family Kickboxing, I finished with a 53% grade– not very good! This semester after being with Family Kickboxing for already 4 months, I passed my physical test with an 80%. I owe it all to Family Kickboxing.”  Shelby Swant-Adams

“I have tried going to gyms, working out at home, running, jogging and pretty much everything else. I purchased several thousand dollars in work out equipment and still couldn’t get myself to the fitness levels I desired.  My first ever class was Family Kickboxing’s Spar-a-Thon in 2007 and I have been hooked ever since.  Al and Ray are excellent motivators and…!  Matt Sonier

“I had tried other ways to maintain a weight that I was comfortable with; the gym, yoga, pilates, jogging, etc. but I needed something more challenging, more physical, and something a lot more fun. …They kept me motivated and helped me lose my goal weight to feel comfortable with myself again. Kickboxing is definitely a great way to lose weight and Family Kickboxing is definitely THE club to go to!”  Koral Mathieu

“Mom I am getting married”!!   After all the congratulations, my next thought was, Oh my god I have to lose weight! I was a little bit nervous and intimidated at first. At 47, what was I thinking, me kickboxing? Well, I have never before enjoyed getting into shape more than this…”  Nicole Paquette

“… I loved the fact that I was challenged to be better in every single class…  Results: I have got to a personal low in weight at 135. It felt amazing to step on the scale and see that but has bested the scale was the inches I have lost. It’s nice to hear the compliments from people who don’t even know me telling me that they don’t believe I’ve had a baby just 5 short months ago.”  Amanda Marr

“Despite all the health and fitness benefits that come’s with Kickboxing, there is just so much more. For me, personal growth and increased self-confidence to face life head-on are my biggest gains.” Ray

“Family kickboxing is a blessing to our community. Both Ray and Al have gone far beyond the role of club owner and take a personal interest in the lives of each person who comes through their door. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for providing Sudbury with this wonderful club where family and success are the priorities.”    Ken Wilson

“First off, I want to say loved the newsletter yesterday, it really inspired me to look at the way I do things. I have to say I’m very happy with the classes and I am seeing a lot of progress toward my weight loss goal. Yesterday I received my yellow belt which made me so proud! I feel even more motivated and confident in myself. I am so grateful to have been able to find such a wonderful place to workout. You always hear gyms say that they are a “no judge gym” which is sometimes false. However at Family Kickboxing, you guys are truly a no judging, confident boosting kind of place! Keep doing what your doing!”  Cherryl Kenwell

“All I can say is that I hate exercising. It’s hard, it’s not fun, it quite simply makes me miserable. It is not for me. However, I LOVE sports! This is the first place that I’ve found (after years of searching) where I can go and get an absolute wicked workout, yet not feel like I’m actually exercising. I feel like I’m playing a sport. I’m learning to kickbox, which I’m loving, and I leave there drenched! And some mornings I wake up feeling like I just competed in a Tough Mudder with every muscle asking me why I put them through that. Only to go back and “play” later that day. I go to learn to kickbox. The workout just sort of happens.”  Heidi

“I’m so happy I joined Family Kickboxing. Not only have I lost weight/inches and gained confidence, I have met some great people along the way who have the same goals as me: getting in shape. At Family Kickboxing, the atmosphere is fun and challenging at the same time. I’m always recommending Family Kickboxing to my family, friends and coworkers.”  Katie

“I just wanted to say thank you! My wife and I started at Family Kickboxing with in June. Since then I have reduced my waist size by 3 notches on my belt, have more energy, and I am stronger… I took part in your 6 Step Challenge in August and came out with some surprising results. I had very bad heartburn and had been on very strong medication for over a year, (I had tests done and did not have an ulcer or any other diagnosis). After about 2 weeks of your lemon water, alkaline veggie snacks, meals, and breathing exercises I accidentally missed a dose and found I no longer needed to take the medication for my heartburn. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere in classes, you and your staff really do a great job, offering encouragement or ribbing as required. “  Ryan

“… I’ve noticed dramatic changes in my breathing pattern, flexibility, and core strength. To get to the best part, I used to have a little trouble dealing with stress. I would go to the bars or get myself into problematic situations where I would turn to violence as a solution. From the first week I started kickboxing I thanked the Blais family for everything they have done as it was a new way to channel my stress, and to this day I have not had a single problem since. The name speaks for itself as the club takes you as one of its own and nurtures the problems you walk in the door with. Thanks Family Kickboxing.”  Mike Joncas

The things I like most, by far is the amazing transformation this program has made in my body shape! (I recently wore a two-piece bathing suit out in public!) and the training with like-minded people and coaches who support and encourage each other to do more than we think we can. Linda Zubal

“I want to thank you so much for providing such a great experience. I’ve had a trainer in the past (between having 3 kids), but never made a successful connection between both my diet and workouts. I’ve been happily watching my scale numbers go down, and my energy levels go up!”  Paula Reynolds

“To all the newbies….never give up!!!! Thanks to Family Kickboxing and all the coaches for everything! But especially Kristy Beadman and my Beast Mode Crew! Without you guys mornings wouldn’t be the same!”  Karla Marshall Paquette

Kickboxing & Fitness

5 Different types of Kickboxing classes to chose from.
Feel the group energy while beating the crap out of a heavy bag. Watch all the stress and worries disappear as the class flies by leaving you refreshed and energized. By far, the greatest “anti-depressant” for both body and mind. We call it kickboxing “with a twist”.


Weight-Loss  (without cutting calories) 
15 years of research and testing guaranteeing results!
Learn how and what to do to and watch the fat start melting away without having to cut calories.
The tricks and strategies you will learn in our workshops will help you for years to come.


Fit and Toned Couple at Family Kickboxing in Sudbury

“Damn You Look Hot”  

“Recompositioning”:  Replacing fat with nice curves and toned muscles.
This premier program is kept very small to allow for personal coaching

It’s never been about how hard you workout, how much you cut calories or how much you sacrifice.

It’s about doing it the correct way. The way that has been proven, over and over.
Science is science. 15+ years of research and testing has gone in our 100% money back guaranteed programs.

Today is when you decide how you will look tomorrow.


I look forward to working hand in hand with you,


Beginner Kickboxing

Feel right at home and comfortable with a group of true beginners. Everybody was once a beginner and we all have to start somewhere. Yes, You Can!

Intermediate Kickboxing

In no time you will be amazed at how much you’ve progressed and how far you’ve gone.


Lose a quick 20 pounds or a complete make-over? Weight-Loss without cutting calories. That’s right, no caloric restriction. With 15 years of experience, we don’t waste time or chase the latest fads.


Muscle Toning at its best. Our premier program. Serious resistance training using only the latest exercise science designed to quickly trigger “adaptation”. When results matter!

Double-End Balls

A fun workout that will test your patience. Absolutely impossible to do without laughing.

Suspension Training (TRX)

Muscle Toning without having to lift weights. A complete workout that will strengthen and tone your body


Muscle Toning and resistance training in a small group setting. Target muscles directly with unique exercises using dumbells… Everyone does the same exercises at the same time…


The fastest way to lose fat using all the latest science, tricks and strategies. Meant for serious folks that are “sick and tired of being sick and tired”!

Personal Growth

You Only Live Once! Life is NOT a practice session. Blow the lid off your limits and start living the life you were meant to be.


Get your workout done first thing in the morning! Jump-Sart your metabolism with a combination of cardio and resistance workout.


Life is just too short not to be having fun 🙂 🙂


Do you have a “Tiger” inside? Interested in seeing what you’re made of. Enjoy working both your mind and your body with controlled sparring. Watch your skills and confidence leap into high gear!

Fun, Energising and Motivating Workouts.
Fast and Effective NO B.S. Weight-Loss Without Cutting Calories.
Effective Muscle Toning for that Tight, Fit Body.

Finally, Be Proud Of What You See In The Mirror…
Without Useless (and ineffective) Dieting!

Simply the best way to get in shape, fast.

When results matter!