Please keep in mind that when we are at the club, we are either working out with or helping students in some other ways. It can be difficult to get a hold of us by phone. If you have any questions or concerns, your best bet is to come in a little early before your next class and speak with us directly.

Otherwise, we are very active on our Facebook pages, and encourage our members to join in our discussion there. If there are any last-minute class details or cancellations, you’ll find it on our Family Kickboxing Members page. It is a closed group, so just ask to join and we’ll add you!

By Phone

When we are at the club, we are always working with and helping students reach their goals. If you can’t come in, contact by email or FB messaging is always best.
If we can offer you two full FREE weeks, you can at least message us if you need more information or drop by. 😃

By Email


Family Kickboxing (open)
Family Kickboxing Members (ask to join!)