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The Family Kickboxing Team

Ray Blais at Family Kickboxing

Ray Blais


I tried my first “fitness” kickboxing class in 2004, fell in love with it immediately, and took expensive one-on-one training for several months. Back then I had to travel to North Bay 3 times a week for a one hour class! After 8 months of this, I learned that one of my coaches was moving here to Sudbury. I jumped at the chance and started the club—Family Kickboxing was born, now going on 14 years. I competed ``full contact`` for 3 years. In 2005 my coach and I both made the Canadian National Team and represented Canada in New York. Even though I fell in love with the competitive side of the sport, my focus for the past 14+ years has been in helping people reach their health, fitness and weight-loss goals through the many programs offered at the club.

Lise Blais at Family Kickboxing

Lise Blais


I started kickboxing along with our 3 kids years ago when my husband first started the club. Through the years I’ve steadily gotten more involved. I now run the business side of things, and man the front counter to help all the new students get properly set-up. On occasion, I also fill-in for instructors on occasion and run the odd class.

Al Blais


I started kickboxing with and at the same time as dad. In the club's 6th year I took over and ran the business side of things fully, freeing dad to continue his studies in successful weight-loss and fitness while maintaining his teaching schedule. As a black belt, I continue my love affair with kickboxing and all it has to offer when properly taught. I've since expanded my business dealings and now also own and operate Sudbury's premiere small business marketing firm, RYS Group and others. These days, as a busy marketing specialist I do most of my work in the background while occasionally filling in as coach when needed.

Kristy Beadman at Family Kickboxing

Kristy Beadman

Beast Mode/Cardio Blast Instructor

I've been with Family Kickboxing for since 2010, and became a coach at the club in 2014. I started at the club as a student and 30 lbs overweight. The support of the coaching staff and the variety of programs and classes offered at the club allowed me to successfully reach my goals and maintain a healthy life. I teach fun, energetic, challenging, and full-body workouts for all fitness levels, designed to help you reach your goals without spending hours at the gym.

Shelley Leclair at Family Kickboxing

Shelley Leclair

Cardio Blast Instructor

I joined Family Kickboxing in 2005. The first time I tried a class, I absolutely loved it. The one huge difference about this club is the feeling of inclusivity—I have made some of my closest friendships here. Everyone feels welcome here. There are no egos, just a fun and friendly atmosphere. My coaching began around 2009. I love teaching and creating a fun yet effective workout. I think everyone deserves the best chance of living a healthy lifestyle, and I know Family Kickboxing will give you your best chance for success. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing club!

Joel Leduc at Family Kickboxing

Joel Leduc

High Intensity Instructor

Hi, I’m Joel and I’ve lived in Sudbury all my life. I have been in martial arts since I was 10 years old. I am a second degree black belt in Goju Ryu karate and during my tenure I taught children and adult classes ranging from all ages. During my schooling, I had to take a break from martial arts to focus on my studies but that came with a cost—I put on quite a bit of weight. In May 2011, I said enough was enough! I joined Family Kickboxing. Within a year, I lost over 80lbs and I started coaching the High Intensity classes. My classes are a blend of interval training, light weights and kickboxing. I love teaching and watching our students reach their goals through sweat, determination, and hard work!