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How it All Started and How You Too Can Benefit

It was late summer 2004. After getting back to my office, I sat there panting like a deer narrowly escaping hunters. After several minutes trying to catch my breath, it dawned on me just how fat and out of shape I really was.

I’d always stayed pretty active with my kids but for me, sitting there at 230lbs, hoping a heart-attack wasn’t in the cards for today, I felt totally disgusted. How did I let things slip so far? I know many gradually lower their expectations as they get older but sitting there at age 42 I knew this was NOT for me and that if I wanted to fully enjoy life, something had to change.

So the search for effective solutions that I or anybody else can use began. For those who know me, there is very little “grey” in my life. It’s either black or white. I’m either “all in” or I’m out! I rarely do things halfway.

As usual, I went “all-in”.

The next several months absolutely shocked me. I now understood all the endless FRUSTRATIONS people felt when trying to get that “damn you look good” body.
I knew there were at least two main components to health, fitness and looking great.

Nutrition and exercise right?

Well, not exactly. What I learned, I was not expecting!

As I quickly lernt the field of nutrition, exercise and living a full and happy life was full of contradicting expert advice. Most of which was preached by young, inexperienced and still “in the prime of their lives” self-appointed experts… “Inexperienced” meaning, they’d never yet felt how persistent aching joints or arthritis feels. How much slower one recuperates when in their 30s, 40s and 50s! They are clueless as to how most have become “insulin resistant” and that losing weight used to be a lot easier! Now you just look at ice cream and you put on 5 pounds!

It’s so easy to spout all kinds of advice when your hormones are working at peak efficiency to build and maintain well tone muscles while your metabolism just keeps burning up all the extra calories so that you stay tight and lean! For many, those younger days are gone.

In a “nut-shell” this is what I found…

Exercise must be fun yet challenging. In order to be fit, look great and be happy it must be specifically designed to gradually “stretch our comfort zones”. The atmosphere should be friendly and inviting yet filled with vibrating energy that helps you get past any “humps” and on to awesome productive workouts.

For maximum and fast results, exercises should be backed by real and current science.

Nutrition (education) needs to be a big part of the process.

NOT the “self-serving, conflict-of-interest” and completely ineffective in the long run crap that gets doled-out every day.

Unfortunately, the way to big profits has always been to tell people all the nice easy stuff they want to hear. The fact is that the longer it takes for you to get the body you want, the longer you have to pay these guys! And the forever off-again-on-again “yo-yo” people, are literally cash cows for the industry.

Nutrition advice needs to produce quick, dependable, duplicable and fast results. EVERY time. For this to happen it must be practical and completely backed by REPUTABLE science with absolutely no conflict of interest.

Most importantly, proper supporting psychology must be the foundation of all health and fitness programs!


Deep down you already know this. Because without it, you won’t follow through on any of the best-laid plans. People repeatedly try. The outcome is always the same.

Bottom line…
I quickly put to good use all that I’d learnt. I lost 53lbs in less than 3 months and I have never looked back. Almost 15 years have gone by and today, at 56, grandfather of 3, I can do more than I could when I was 25!

My continual search for fast and effective ways to reach a person’s ideal body has never slowed down either.

Our Premium Crush program continues to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge research in all the three critical areas. Psychology, nutrition and exercise
I would like to personally welcome you to our family.

—Ray Blais
Head Coach

Why Kickboxing and more specifically, why ours?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to “exercise”. Many are great at providing one or two specific benefits. But very few are able to offer them all.
Not only will you get the usual standard cardio, weight-loss and strengthening benefits but Kickboxing, the way we do it, will provide you with so much more.

Remember, we are trying to accomplish several things.

  1. Lose the “extra” fat.
  2. Keep it off. (It’s one thing to lose it. It’s a completely different thing to keeping it off permanently!)
  3. Gain strength and get that “fit” look.
  4. Overcome and then avoid “plateauing”.
  5. Make exercising continually productive but also enjoyable and “fresh” so positive new habits are formed.
  6. Increased flexibility, range of motion and ease of movement.

However, as nice as those benefits are, there is so much more to life.  So why not go the extra mile?

Specific exercises are strategically placed to help us slowly gently stretch our comfort zones. This significantly increases our self-confidence and leads to a healthy and positive self-image. (This alone goes a long way towards enjoying a happier life.)

Lastly, we feel that reducing stress is also a top priority. With almost 30% of today’s population on anti-depressants, what good is it if we are in shape but forever stressed out and frustrated? Again, specific exercises are incorporated just for this reason alone.

The result… a gradually very noticeable pleasant effect on how we feel outside of the club.

Life becomes so much more enjoyable. We only live once! Why not have the body we want and the peace and vibrant energy inside to enjoy life and be happy.

Spinning Jump Kick at Family Kickboxing in Sudbury, Ontario
Beast Mode Class at Family Kickboxing in Sudbury, Ontario

Benefits of Kickboxing

Melt Fat

Kickboxing is an incredibly efficient workout. Incorporating a lot of different types of exercise into one hour of Kickboxing packs a huge punch in improving your overall fitness and burning calories.

While you’re working out and burning calories, you’re also speeding up your metabolism and toning your entire body. It’s a high-intensity, full-body workout, which is perfect if your aim is to lose weight and get fit.

Tone Your Entire Body

Our classes include classic kickboxing skills with circuit training and core exercises for a total-body workout.

Front, side and roundhouse kicks work your legs and glutes; punching and jabbing tones the upper arms, shoulders and chest. Meanwhile, all of these movements, as well as shuffling, bobbing and weaving, will engage your core. Engaging your abs will also ultimately improve co-ordination, while the constant movement in kickboxing improves flexibility and reflexes.

Improves Your Co-Ordination

In strengthening your core and improving your reflexes, you’ll drastically improve your balance and overall stability. Kicking and punching the bag make you focus your energy with precision in each movement. In our club, we train for technique before power. We encourage our club members to take time to learn each move slowly and with accuracy at first, then add on the power.

More Energy

We like to train hard. A high-intensity kickboxing class may seem like it would leave your gassed and tired, but many people find that the opposite is true. Kickboxing will give you an energy boost, not just because of the natural endorphins, but also from empowering (kickass!) nature of the workout.

Your physical and mental energy levels will get a huge boost! After a workout at our club and a good rest period, your body will feel refreshed and full of energy.

Build Confidence

Increased strength and performance increases confidence—especially when it comes to kickboxing! In learning a form of self defense, you prove to yourself that you can hold your own, giving you a well-deserved confidence boost. Additionally, a rigorous kickboxing session releases endorphins, and gives a natural boost to your self-esteem.

Prevents Gym Boredom

Running on a treadmill. Jogging at the elliptical. Climbing the StairMaster for what seems like forever. For people who exercise regularly at a typical gym, one of the biggest problems they face is gym boredom. Using the same machines regularly can get monotonous. Honestly, it sucks.

Kickboxing has the added benefit of including an exciting and unusual cross-training elements to your normal workouts. Our instructors are here to get a workout too, so they like to keep it interesting! Just come to our classes prepared, and we promise we’ll use every minute of the class to get you motivated and moving—and it’ll be anything but boring!

Improve Posture

Sitting in traffic. Hunched over a computer desk. Sitting on the couch. The majority of our days are spent in a way that encourages bad posture! A fundamental benefit of kickboxing is that it challenges a variety of muscle groups that are not utilized in every day chores.

When you begin to develop your core, lower back and abdominal muscles your posture and balance will automatically improve.

Relieve Stress

We don’t do the “punch as hard as you can into the air” kind of kickboxing. We do real kickboxing on a heavy bag. A great way to relieve mental stress is using the benefits of kicking boxing by releasing all those pent up frustrations on the bag. Really, we encourage you to beat the shit out of that bag!

Patience & Discipline

The fundamentals of every martial art is discipline. It’s about following instructions, and mastering a skill required to throw a certain move. It’s about determination and discipline. When you learn patience and discipline, you’ll begin to subconsciously apply it to your daily life and manage your every day tasks with greater ease.

Family Kickboxing in Sudbury, Ontario
Family Kickboxing in Sudbury, Ontario

Our Core Values

100% Commitment to Client Success

Although success cannot be had without your involvement, we are ready and willing to match your commitment and will bend-over backward to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

100% Commitment to Use What Works!

No telling you what we think you want to hear, no chasing useless fads, no selling or recommending crap products or programs, no pyramid schemes and no conflict of interests.

100% Honesty

If you don’t want to hear the truth, don’t ask the question. All questions will be answered honestly. Getting slim, fit and strong is not achieved with a watered down approach. We take your health seriously and we hope you do to.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We stand by all our weight-loss programs. Follow the program as laid out and results are guaranteed or your money back!

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